Our mission directs us to have more out of whatever we do especially when it comes to Infrastructure. Micron is equipped with high class machinery to produce world class products.

Our production systems are spread over an area of 22,000 Sq Feet, with the output capacity of 75,000 UJ Crosses every month. Our State-of-the-Art manufacturing systems are fully supported by dedicated and motivated workforce. With their technical skill, qualification and experience, each of our team members is capable of understanding the growing needs of the OE and export markets. Our commitment to global quality is fulfilled at the most economical cost of operations, thanks to the location advantage that we have being based in India.

Our infrastructure is not only well maintained but also adapts the changes quickly to ensure the leadership in our segment. Our policy to plough back and invest on infrastructure has always paid us in return with increased customer satisfaction and increased productivity.
                  Delegations from all over the world  have been a matter of pride to us. Do write  us when you plan to visit India

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